Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe praise each other’s kissing skills x
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Elias & LariSalatut Elämät part 2657 [8/26/2014]

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You could come with me?

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parallels II

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Stendan + best storylines (Walker’s revenge)

I’m gonna make you watch. I’m gonna make you watch as they all suffer… One by one.

We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when we’re with the person we’re supposed to be with.

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Stendan + best storylines (Lynsey’s funeral)

Oh, I can smell the sexual tension from here.

you told me not to cry when you were gone 
but the feeling’s overwhelming, it's much too strong [x]

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Franklin & Bash - Peter & Jared [4x02]