Kay: Stop kidding yourself. Just admit that you’re gay.

Marc: I’m not gay, Kay. Got it? It was just a one-off with you. So stay away from me. Stay away from me, Kay.

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One day you will meet the gay of your dreams, and it will be the happiest, most fulfilling day of your life. Then it’s all down-hill from there. (G.B.F. 2013)

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Your heart knows not how to l i e. It is great that it lays deep in your chest and not in your m o u t h.

Wonder Bar, 1934

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in the flesh meme: [1/5] characters:
↳ rick macy.

"My Rick… he’s a good boy."

“i remember this. it’s fourth of july, 1996.”


Her face in the last gif makes me so sad

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