"Thumpa-thumpa: the gay pulse that keeps on beating no matter what."

"So the thumpa-thumpa continues. It always will, no matter what happens, no matter who’s President. As Our Lady of Disco, the Divine Miss Gloria Gaynor, has always sung to us, "We will survive"."


A Teddy Award winner at the Berlin Film Festival, The Circle captures an extraordinary romance between a singer and a schoolteacher, set against the backdrop of Switzerland’s thriving post-WWII underground gay movement.

I’m the best of the best, I’m Blair Waldorf.

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“So, he’s gonna go back in time, he’s gonna fall in love with Alisha, and then she dies and they’re gonna be stuck doing it over and over and over again for all eternity?”

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James Dean asking Paul Newman to kiss him during a screentest for East of Eden, 1954.

James Dean bae.

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Dorian Gray (UK, 2009)

Now I love you, forever. And I don’t care what anybody says.

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Bitten Appreciation Week | Day 7

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"Fer, joder si tú y yo hemos nacido para estar juntos".

Jongens / Boys (2014).